Disputing a Transfer Credit Decision

ONLY SUBMIT THIS FORM IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED YOUR OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT AND WERE NOT GIVEN TRANSFER CREDIT AND YOU WISH TO DISPUTE THIS DECISION. In order to accept a transfer credit, the course syllabus or course description must allow NCM to determine that the course meets or exceeds the content, level, credit value, learning objectives, etc. of the NCM course.

Re-evaluation of Transferable Credits

Please note the following:

General Education Requirements from Modules 1, 2 & 8: NCM will accept up to 13 transfer credits.
Prerequisites that must be transferred in: Math & English (and Chemistry & Child Development for California)
*Prerequisites do not count toward the 13 credit limit. In the ASM program, prerequisites can be co-reqs and finished during the program; in the BSM program they must be transferred in prior to enrolling.

Midwifery Modules 3-7: MEAC credit transfers are unlimited, subject to NCM's transfer policies.

No partial credits are granted.

List the following information: University, Course Code, Course Name


Compile all syllabii into one document.

Compile all course descriptions into one document.

Explain how the Learning Objectives of the NCM course are covered by the Learning Objectives and content of the course or combination of courses proposed as transfer.

For course/s for which you are proposing transfer credit to satisfy the NCM course you selected which accrediting agency/agencies approved the course(s) you are proposing transferring into NCM for credit?

NCM does not accept credit from College Placement Exams: A college placement exam determines what level course a student is ready to enter. As it does not confer credits for a course, NCM cannot accept this sort of exam as a “transfer credit.”

GE: General Education
MW: Midwifery as denoted in the NCM course code listed in the


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