Associate's of Science in Midwifery Student Application

Thank you for your interest in the National College of Midwifery!

This application is for our Associate of Science in Midwifery program,
which has both Academic (online classes) and Clinical (community-based apprenticeship) components.  

You must have a preceptor lined up in order to apply to the ASM Program.

- If you already have a community-based apprenticeship lined up with a clinical preceptor and are ready to do both the academic and clinical components of your training, you may proceed with this application. 

- If you do not have a clinical preceptor lined up, please do not submit this application as it will not be processed if the requirements are not met (the application fee is non-refundable). These recommendations on how to find a preceptor may be helpful. Use this link for more information on many ways to engage with NCM's curriculum.

This form is the first step in the application process.

It requires a non-refundable electronic payment of the application fee of $100 by debit, credit card, or PayPal upon submission.

This form must be completed in one sitting and cannot be saved to be completed later. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.


Once you have completed this form and paid the application fee, if the enrollment requirements are met, within 1-2 days you will receive information on proceeding with the second step of the application process, which requires proof of completion of the Student Orientation Course (this course will take several hours and will give you important information on NCM's unique model).

The third step will be completing the Enrollment Form, which requests further information from you, require a copy of your high school diploma/GED, request official transcripts for transfer review if applicable, and generate a contract between you and your community-based clinical preceptor.  This third step will also need to be done in one sitting, and requires payment of the full clinical audit fee upon submission.  

Information on Transfers
Prerequisites that must be transferred in: Math & English (and Chemistry for California)
Information on Cost of Attendance
Information on Scholarships 

Please note we do not process applications from Dec 15 - Jan 15th (Calendar).

Thank you!

Getting Started

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A preferred pronoun is a pronoun an individual chooses to identify with and would prefer others use when talking to or about that individual. It is the pronoun that a person uses for themself.

ASM students must be 16 when they begin the program. Use the calendar or type in your date of birth (MM-DD-YYYY). To use the calendar, double click on the month at the top to access your year, month and date of birth.

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OPTIONAL: Demographics (your answers do not affect your application, but do help NCM secure funding to continue to make midwifery education as accessible as possible)

Being a first-generation college student means that your parent(s) did not complete a 4-year college or university degree, regardless of other family members' level of education.

In general, a rural area or a countryside is a geographic area that is located outside towns and cities. Typical rural areas have a low population density and small settlements. Agricultural areas and areas with forestry typically are described as rural.

Select all that apply to you:

How many hours you work for pay outside of your midwifery apprenticeship.

The National College of Midwifery prohibits discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or discipline against any NCM community member or group including but not limited to the board of directors, volunteers, faculty, staff, contractors, prospective or current student on the basis of their actual, implied or perceived; because of race; color; national or ethnic origin or ancestry; religion or creed; age, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, including transgender identity; sexual orientation; marital status; familial status; age; ability/disability; genetic information; economic status, formal education, language, citizenship status, veteran status, genetic and/or ancestry information, political affiliation or other identities, including any other protected category under federal, state or local law. All personnel who are responsible for recruitment, admissions, hiring and promoting and for the development and implementation of college programs are entrusted to hold up this standard and to respond promptly and appropriately to any concerns that are brought to their attention.

Application Date and Program

You will be required to submit to NCM your active NCM community-based clinical faculty member in the last step of enrollment. If you put the preceptor's name and email address you believe you will be working with, we will send them an email with more information on either becoming a clinical faculty member or how to check their preceptor status with the College.
You CANNOT complete the final step of enrollment in NCM without an active NCM Preceptor.

Mandatory Fees
Application 100
Total 100.00

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